It Takes One to Know One

“Who am I?”

As we watch each other jump for joy or vandalize the streets in celebration or annihilation of the Trump administration, it’s important to remember that in fighting fire with fire, everyone gets burned.

If you want to express your anger or frustration at the insensitivity and stupidity of someone else, don’t do it in insensitive and stupid ways…

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One More Treatment

“Hot Seat”

After attending a conference recently on palliative care and hospice, I was struck by the theme amongst so many thoughtful health professionals.

They told moving stories of so many people who fought and survived and fought and lost battles with long-term illness. The common message was that people dealing with difficult health decisions all do it differently.

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The Hand Has a Way…

“Universal Handshake”

Hidden creative is not un-benign. In other words, there is danger in keeping your creativity subdued and blessings in letting your creative out!

After visiting the artwork of the Lego artist, Nathan Sawaya at San Diego’s Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park today, I was reminded and inspired to keep expressing myself through my art and writing.

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