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“Reach Higher at Work”

Sometimes meetings are just pathetic. Sometimes they are as boring as hell. Well, if that’s the case and you’re in charge of running them, it’s time to sharpen the saw, refresh the browser, and update the dated. If your meetings are boring, STOP HAVING THEM!

Or, make them interesting. A little creativity goes a long way AND having a purpose always helps. You may not want to talk about the higher purpose of your organization in every meeting but you should talk about it frequently.

Now, you might think the following is just a whimsical poem but we challenge you to take it in and analyze it a little deeper. It’s not just poetic, it’s profetic. I mean, profit-tic, I mean, well, it’s about making money. Read this poem to your team and then break it down. Whacky things like “being kind,” “listening to each other,” “encourage one another,” aren’t just poetic gobbledy gook, these are key elements of effective meeting skills, visionary leadership, and passionate team members.

And further more, what WOULD happen if you discovered your employees bought into the higher purpose of your organization and believed they really did make a difference to this wild and crazy world of ours? Are passionate employees better than bored employees?

So, embarrass yourself or should we say, stretch yourself a little and discuss this poem in your next meeting. You might be surprised at the good that could come out of it. Besides, you admitted your meetings have been a little boring lately anyway, didn’t you?

Before We Start This Meeting

Before we start this meeting,
Let’s be of one mind,
Let’s make more and prosper,
While still being kind.
Before we start this meeting,
Let’s visualize our dream,
Let’s humanize this process,
And work as a team.
Before we start this meeting,
Let’s give up the fight,
Let’s listen to each other,
Don’t try to be right.
Before we start this meeting,
Let’s let go of fear,
Encourage one another,
Be kinder in here.
Before we start this meeting,
Let’s not just survive,
Let’s make a big difference,
And know we will thrive.
Before we start this meeting,
Let’s think what’s it worth,
To reach deep inside us,
And save this small earth.
I dare you to read this at the start of your next meeting. 
Let me know how it goes

Steve Dahl – Copyright 2017