“Where am I?”

Knowing this difference,
Will help you get far,
Guilt is behavior,
While shame’s who you are.

Guilt is forgiven,
You can let go and learn,
While shame simply smolders,
To fester and burn.

So decide on your blunders,
Take a much closer look,
Is it you that’s so stupid,
Or the action you took?

You see guilt’s a great teacher,
But shame just destroys,
Shame lives inside you,
While guilt just annoys.

So let’s be gentle,
And for everyone’s sakes,
Let go of your blunders,
Don’t become your mistakes.



Brene Brown’s courses do one thing for me, consistently. They make me think. They make me think deep. They make me think long. They just make me think. On those days when I’m feeling guilty or shameful I remind myself that I get to define those words. Knowing the difference between shame and guilt doesn’t make either one of them feel a little bit less yet somehow the increased awareness seems like a good thing. Highly recommend the funny, blunt, and effective Brene Brown.

Copyright 2017 Steve Dahl