When One Changes and One Does Not

”Three Trees to the Wind”

The oak tree cannot grow in the dark shade of the pine tree. The pine will not do well in the shadows of the oak. They both need enough space to grow upward to form the forest.

Likewise, couples and people working together need the ability to reach for their own light. We’re all growing and it’s always at a slightly different pace.

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Meetings – From Pathetic to Poetic

hands trying to reach the globe

“Reach Higher at Work”

Sometimes meetings are just pathetic. Sometimes they are as boring as hell. Well, if that’s the case and you’re in charge of running them, it’s time to sharpen the saw, refresh the browser, and update the dated. If your meetings are boring, STOP HAVING THEM!

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Ten Ways to Persuade in 18 Minutes or Less!


The power of leadership is based in the effectiveness of our communication. In the business world, we’ve been used to watching mediocre presentations by our peers and vendors for far too long. It’s only recently that we’ve raised the bar on presentation skills. I’m not talkin’ PowerPoint and the latest online slide deck technologies. I’m talkin’ Ted Talks!

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