“Here Kitty, Kitty”

I asked the old doc,
As he stammered a bit,
What shall I do?
and he said, “Oh shit!”

He didn’t have an answer,
A surprise this was not,
but I thought I might give it,
One final shot…

He says “Be stronger,
Push through that pain!”
So I do, I get through it,
To more of the same.

It’s not terminal, not dying,
It resides in my brain,
Not much I can do,
But sit and complain.

Just practice being mindful,
Don’t let that pain win!
Just set pain aside,
Stay loving within!

That’s what they say,
Pain matters not,
Suffering’s the option,
It’s not what we got.

But wallowing ain’t helpful,
Pity don’t last,
Drugs make me distant,
My flag’s at half mast.

So, it’s time to get going,
This doc’s got to go,
This pain won’t define me,
But here’s what I know…

Action beats suffering,
Complaining won’t work,
It’s time to start living,
My doc is a jerk.


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017

Art by Dahl