“Stone-Cold Faces”

We work real hard at this one,
Avoiding talk of death,
We act like it won’t happen,
Until our final breath.

It’s not that we’re not truthful,
Yet there’s no denying,
We act like if we say the “word,”
We’ll speed up someone’s dying!

Time will come sometimes too quick,
Sometimes it seems so wrong,
But death will say, “your time is up,”
And beckon, “come along.”

We cannot change the future,
Although we wish we could,
But letting go of old taboos,
Could really do some good.

Our visit here soon will end,
Someday, somehow, somewhere,
So show your courage, speak of death,
With those who really care.

This thing called death is scary,
It’s not exactly fun,
But talking now will help us all…
Prepare before we’re done.

Don’t give us all a big surprise,
And leave us with a mess,
Start the “death-talk dialogue,”
With those who love you best.

Talking more releases fear,
Let’s make it no big deal,
Cause we can’t keep denying,
That death just isn’t real.



Copyright 2018 Steve Dahl