“What a Funderful World”

I am confused by the chaos,
Of solitude’s appeal,
I’m frightened by the terror
of retreating’s good feel.

I just want to escape,
But this we both know,
That voice is correct,
There is no place to go!

To engage with more people,
Yet still be alone,
It’s a schizophrenic feeling,
And I doubt I’m alone.

Have you ever tried be present,
Yet so far away?
Like your body’s in Topeka,
And your mind’s in LA?

You can’t live your life,
With your heart in two places,
You can’t hug your friends,
While ignoring their faces.

You can’t go away,
And still try remain,
You can’t avoid love,
And still avoid pain.

The peace that I’m seeking,
Is the noise that I need,
It’s present right now,
With each breath that I breathe.

I don’t need go further,
I’m ignoring this chat,
If I stay where I am,
I’ll escape where I’m at.



Sometimes you just gotta wonder what’s going on inside that skull of some people, don’t you?
Copyright 2017 Steve Dahl for some strange reason.