“A Face Only an Artist Could Love”

I am ready,
When time has come,
To stop this clock,
To end this ride,
To close this book,
And move along.

I am ready,
When ending nears,,
To look ahead,
To look within,
To look above,
And end this song.

I am ready,
When heart goes still,
To let this go,
To be at peace,
To close my eyes,
And say so long.




Whoa! Just because I’m ready doesn’t mean I’m in a hurry to leave this lovely planet! I just write these silly things to remind you (but mostly me) that our time here is quite short. And, since this ride may come to an end abruptly or gradually, I need to do nothing to prepare beyond being fully present and enjoying this day.

I am grateful for today. And, for whatever comes next (or doesn’t come), I am ready.