“Trucking Excitement”

I don’t feel excited,
About living much more.
I’m not suicidal,
But my life’s such a bore.

I’m highly apathetic,
Unsurprisingly low,
But with each line I write,
I start to let go.

I could blame my depression,
I could blame my darn dad,
I could blame my young mother,
For feeling so bad.

But the torturous feelings,
That swirl in my head,
Are soon to be written,
And scribbled ‘till dead.

I’ve learned it the hard way,
That bad thoughts will sprout,
Into destruction,
If I don’t write them out.

I can tell by your posture,
My thoughts make you squirm,
But I’ve said them aloud,
And on this I’m quite firm.

For if peace is my mission,
My writing must start,
To empty my mind,
And quiet my heart.



If’ you’re an artist or a writer, you must heed your calling. You cannot let your creativity fester. For many of us there is no way to make sense of or process our crazy world and our creative writing and similar practices, help keep us sane and a little more fun.

Pick up your pen. Pick up the brush. Do it right now. You’re craving the rush.