“Space Turnips”

How’s that New Year’s Resolution going? Well, consider this. You’ve heard of the “five second rule” when it comes to dropping your food on the floor?

Here’s another version of the “five second rule”…

How strong are your commitments? Do you hesitate before deciding? If it takes more than five seconds to decide, then is it really a commitment? Dang I hate those questions.

In Five Tiny Seconds

In five tiny seconds,
You know you must choose,
The veggies or cake,
And how much you’ll lose.

In five tiny seconds,
Well, can you resist?
Temptations of sweets,
While cravings persist?

In five tiny seconds,
You quickly decide,
Commitments to keep,
And those you let slide!


Steve Dahl
Copyright 2017

Strange art by yours truly.