As we watch each other jump for joy or vandalize the streets in celebration or annihilation of the Trump

“While Fighting Fire With Fire, we All Get Burned”

administration, it’s important to remember that in fighting fire with fire, everyone gets burned.

If you want to express your anger or frustration at the insensitivity and stupidity of someone else, don’t do it in insensitive and stupid ways…

And, I have to admit, maybe it’s arrogant of me to think that love, expressed within my heart, myself, my family, and my community will overcome evil or ignorance but I do believe we are all in this together and right now, our school is in session. We will learn from our collective decisions or we will not. We have a choice.

I’m not saying be silent or mousy, passive or apathetic. I’m saying, you have a brain, use it. We have a well-thought out political system to right many wrongs, let’s stick with it. We have plenty of ways to get noticed and be heard without resorting to violence so let’s not forget it.

And what about personal responsibility? Take some. What I have learned is that the one thing I can do to combat violence, anger, prejudice, and ignorance is to erase it with kindness, love, acceptance, and education.


It Takes One to Know One

I feel your warts,
I see your flaws,
I sense your guilt,
I know because.

I know because,
I have them too,
I see them better,
When they’re,
on you.


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017