“Happy Sunset”

If I were to tell you,
Your life will fall short,
Of the dreams that you have,
In this happy report.

Would you listen intently,
To the science I share,
Would you try heed my message,
And act like you care?

If I were to tell you,
You will die prematurely,
If you frown on my words,
And don’t start this early.

Would you hear what I say,
Would you write these things down,
Or would you blow off,
All the proof that I’ve found?

If I were to tell you,
That a smile on your face,
Will make you live longer,
Than most in your race.

Would you let go of anger,
Would you start loving more,
Would you trust in the science
Or would you ignore?

If I were to tell you,
This scientific fact,
Would you start to forgive,
Would you quit looking back?

Well, I’m telling you clearly,
From my research review,
You’ll live longer while happy,
So what will you do?


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017