“High on Petunias”

Go do some acid,
Go snort some coke,
Go toke that weed,
Go have a smoke!

I just don’t get it,
Why get high as a tower,
By doing those drugs,
All I need is a flower…

I get high on petunias,
Sweet Williams give me sillies,
Begonias sure buzz me,
I get looped on blue lillies.

Orgasmic for orchids,
Gladiollis make me grin,
Fuschia makes me frisky,
And peonies make me sin.

I get trashed on new tulips,
I get crazed on carnations,
I’m delirious for dahlias,
I have lotus fixations,

So while you might get crazy,
Doing weed and cocaine,
One whiff of red roses,
Just drives me insane!