“You Only Live Once”

What if you got a memo,
To write down the date,
On which you will die,
As you full-fill your fate?

What if you knew of,
This date you must save?
As you give a goodbye,
With one final wave…

Just save the date,
Put it there on your phone,
And – the small print says,
You are going alone.

Would you go to the beach,
Would you hug a good friend,
If you knew exact timing,
Of which this will end?

Would you try to be kinder,
Would you work a bit less?
Would you for-give another,
Before leaving this mess?

Would you take life for granted,
Would you eat that bad food?
Would you ask for forgiveness,
Would you quit being rude?

Would you still smoke tobacco,
Would you watch stupid shows,
Would you call up your mother,
Would you bring her a rose?


You might do some thinking,
And I know it’s not great,
But the memo’s been sent,
And you must save the date!



Steve Dahl – Copyright 2017