“Two Emotions”

It’s hard to believe,
The claim that you make,
There are just two emotions,
Of which we partake.

You say that they all,
Can simply be seen,
As two simple words,
With no in between.

If fear is defined,
As the “absence of love,”
That paints a picture,
That fits like a glove!

What you are saying,
Is when I get mad,
Or angry or flustered,
Or anything bad…

I can just ask myself,
What is my fear?
What is so frightening?
Is love missing here?

Is it that simple?
Can it be true?
It’s ALL fear or love,
Whatever I do?

Yes – fear is the problem,
But love’s all we need,
I finally get it,
I finally believe…

There are just two emotions,
We see, feel, or hear,
One causes trouble,
One brings us near.

There are just two emotions,
And on this I’m quite clear,
We ALL get to choose,
Between loving and fear.


Steve Dahl


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Copyright 2018 Steve Dahl