“Leave Me Alone”

Leave me alone,
Get off of my case,
I’m over 16,
Get out of my face!

Leave me alone,
But let me be clear,
I welcome some freedom,
But don’t disappear.

Leave me alone,
But please not tonight,
I’m calling from jail,
I’ve been in a fight.

Leave me alone,
And I’ll die in this place,
Can’t you see fear,
All over my face?

Leave me alone,
But please don’t forget,
I look like a man,
But I’m not a man yet.

Leave me alone,
But please mom and dad,
I need my parents,
Before things get bad.

Leave me alone,
But please keep me close,
These are the years,
I need you the most.


From a teen’s point of view, they want freedom but not abandonment. How many parents see our growing kids as adults once they look like an adult? How many of us let our teens have everything their way once they turn 16? How many of us think our teens just need to “figure it out.” Teens might want their freedom but they need discipline.

They need guidance.

They need parents.

Fact is, a young adult mind is not fully developed until somewhere past the age of 25.

Keep them close.

Our job as a parent is not to be our children’s buddies but rather to be our children’s teachers. Okay, sounds a bit like a preach session here but this is important. So are our kids.

We can give them some freedom but don’t give them up.



Steve Dahl

copyright 2017