“Lizard Sighting!”

Like any good gardener,
Before going inside,
I remove muddy shoes,
And leave them outside

Overnight they will stay,
All alone in the dark,
Outside by the door,
Old tennies will park.

But by morning I wonder,
What happened last night?
Inside of my shoes,
In the dark, without light.

Did the spiders crawl in?
Did the worms slip inside?
Did the mice make a nest?
Do the crickets reside?

It’s unfounded,
Doesn’t happen,
It’s impossible – yet!
A creature moved in,
And became a shoe pet.

As the easterly sun,
Broke the still of the night,
And I slipped on my shoe,
And ignored my dumb fright.

Then it happened!
Yes it did!
There was movement inside,
It was squishy and squirming,
My fears came alive!

There’s a creature in there,
And he nipped at my toe,
So I yanked off my shoe,
Told that creature to go!

It’s a harmless little lizard,
Just trying to hide,
From the owls and coyotes,
As he tries to survive.

My shoe was his shelter,
Size 11 – his home,
He was minding his business, In my shoe, all alone.

So I calmed myself down,
And I asked him to leave,
He was hesitant at first,
But then – he agreed.

So I tipped out the shoe,
And this lizard he ran,
Back to my garden,
Where this story began.

Copyright 2018 Steve Dahl