Look into her headlights, 
And you will see the spark, 
Of breathing living metal, 

Just sitting there in park! 

We see her as a workhorse, 
To take us here and there, 
She shelters us with airbags, 
We even love her spare. 

We treat her like she’s family, 
Like she’s a perfect child, 
But once we start her engine, 
We let this kid get wild. 

We bathe her, feed her, wipe her, 
This infant has our heart, 
She’s automotive offspring, 
And we love every part. 

We can’t deny this feeling, 
These babies that we drive, 
Have hearts and souls and seatbelts, 
And yes!  
They are…  


Copyright 2018
Steve Dahl 

Don’t we just love our cars? 

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