“Arboring Good Feelings”

Brene Brown’s research and writing on the impact of shame on our lives inspired me to write this piece. Her bottom line to getting over the shame so many of us feel is simply to speak it. Hidden shame is lasting shame. Speaking of shame is the healing of shame.

My Shameful Story

The shame I’ve buried deep inside,
Festers there – it’s still alive,
It is not buried deep enough,
To hide me from my ugly stuff.

I know it’s in there, playing dead,
Imperfection in my head,
It keeps me small controls my heart,
This shame could tear my life apart.

I can’t control my shameful story,
All its pain and all its gory,
I cannot lose this shameful cloud,
Until I speak my truth aloud.

One cannot beat my shame to death,
It never takes a final breath,
To beat my shame, it must be heard,
And banished with my spoken word.


Copyright 2017 Steve Dahl