“Grass for the Trees”

If you’re going to imagine the future,
Imagine something good.

There are two kinds of fantasies. Fun, luscious, exciting fantasies and then, negative future fantasies. I mean, come on! If you’re going to fantasize… why fantasize about crap that likely won’t happen? Why ponder a negative outcome when you don’t know squat about what’s going to happen.

But, we also know that what we believe often comes true. So, you can worry about the future, you can have those negative future fantasies or you can choose to have a wild, crazy, and lovely future fantasy. Pick one.


I Have Reason to Believe

I have reason to believe,
That things might get worse,
But what if I took that feeling,
And wrote a new verse?

What if I saw the future,
With problems all solved,
Pain and hassles managed,
My viewpoint quite evolved?

What if I saw the future,
And every unknown turn,
As equal opportunity,
To grow and live and learn?

What if I saw the future,
Not dark or stiff or cold,
But one exciting venture,
And choose to live it bold?

What if I saw the future,
Not full of endless pain,
But curious observations,
And fodder for my brain?

What if I saw the future,
Not tired, or sick, or poor,
But totally fascinated,
And passionate for more?

What if I saw the future,
Not full of useless fear,
But joyful exploration,
And grateful when it’s here!


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017
Art by Dahl