“Hot Seat”

After attending a conference recently on palliative care and hospice, I was struck by the theme amongst so many thoughtful health professionals.

They told moving stories of so many people who fought and survived and fought and lost battles with long-term illness. The common message was that people dealing with difficult health decisions all do it differently.

Some want to fight, some want to let nature take its course. Some want to die at home and others want to have technology give them every last minute of life no matter what. What struck me most is the simple reminder that I have no right to judge what someone else decides to do with their plan.

How anyone wants to leave this world is a totally independent decision. Do you have your advance directives in place? Have you shared your plans for end-of-life treatment? It’s never too early to share your end-of-life plan but when things get rough, it’s often too late. Learn more about palliative care at my day job, csupalliativecare.org.

One More Treatment

Intensive cares are nasty,
Feeding tubes are bad,
When improvement isn’t likely,
We all agree it’s sad.

But life is still worth living,
If it’s just another day,
When we spend our time forgiving,
And we talk and laugh and play!

Do you want to have a party?
Watch a sunset by the sea?
Do you want to be with loved ones?
Go to sleep beneath a tree?


Would you rather one more treatment?
Give it everything you’ve got,
Be the fighter you are known as,
And give this one more shot?

There are no easy answers,
There’s a quality to select,
There’s a time for talking options,
There’s a time when we reflect.

But there’s also time for planning,
Telling others how you’ll go,
If you keep your thoughts a secret,
How’s a loved one ‘sposed to know?

There’s a circle were all living,
From its grip there’s no release,
And the sooner we accept it,
The sooner we’ll find peace.


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017