“Opposites Attract”

Ever have those days when you just feel like everyone around you wants the opposite of whatever you want?

I have those now and then and they don’t really bother me any more because I have to admit, I do see the world a little differently than most. So, I wrote this piece about opposing kinda-views. I hope you hate it…

Opposites Attract?

How is it that I feel,
Quite often it’s true,
If I do what I want,
I’ll disappoint you.

It seems so much easier,
To not even try,
The opposite will work,
But don’t ask me why.

I can’t read your mind,
I always get it wrong,
If I say it’s short,
Then you say it’s long.

I just don’t get it,
I feel like a klutz,
You think I’m bananas,
And I think I’m nuts.

But I just can’t let this,
End in a fight,
So hate me today,
But love me tonight.


Steve Dahl Copyright 2017
Art by my alter ego