“Parent’s Broken Heart”

One day a troubled outcast,
Whom everybody knew,
Devised a plan, bought a gun,
To do what he must do.

He claimed the voices told him,
“Kill everyone you can,”
He took their words quite serious,
And carried out his plan.

He massacred his classmates,
And teachers who stood strong,
He bought his weapon legally,
To do this massive wrong.

He shattered every life there,
He must have gone in sane,
He might as well have shot us too,
That’s how we feel this pain.

There is no blood on our floors,
No bullets, guns, or screams,
There’s just this massive vacancy,
And nightmare, savage dreams.

An empty chair at dinner,
Unwrinkled, stone cold bed,
Her silence singing loudly,
Our daily, painful dread.

Her bedroom dark and empty,
We feel so all alone,
Every day though classes end,
Our child’s not coming home.

For some it’s soon forgotten,
That day that hurt so bad,
But part of us was murdered too,
That part called, Mom and Dad.



Copyright 2018 Steve Dahl

We feel terrible for those who lose their lives to these mass shootings yet the lives of those that loved them don’t really survive this either. The murderer is not only destroying one life, he’s destroying many lives. The horrific mass murder epidemic in America is not going to be solved by legislation, education, or improved communication skills. It is not going to be solved by mental health awareness, more restrictive gun laws, or active shooter training. And though for as spiritual as I am, sending thoughts and prayers won’t do it either.

The list of things we should do can go on and on but one thing we’ve proven over and over again, if you we nothing, we get nothing. Nothing has changed from the mass shooting last week, last month, last year, or the last decade for that matter. We must do any and all of the above to end this tragic pattern. Politicians need to take action. Parents need to take action. Our children need to take action. We ALL need to take action.

We’re all scared to death that we might somehow compromise our second amendments rights if we mess with the gun laws. We’re all scared to death that we might offend someone by reporting their behavior to the police. And, now we’re all scared to death to go to school or any public place with large crowds. What we should be scared to death of is our ability to quickly forget this another tragedy. What we should be scared to death of is our ability to accept what should be absolutely unacceptable.