“Stone Cold Smile”

The guy is amazing,
A best-selling poet,
He’s popular and –
Of course we all know it!

We’re impressed by his style,
Of rhyming a lot,
But what the guy says,
Just doesn’t mean squat!

You should see all the books,
This author has written,
He sells them online,
From Japan to Great Britain.

He’s sold more than most,
Of poets in history,
Yet, what the guy says,
Remains a big mystery.

I don’t understand his,
Audience rapture,
He bores me to death,
Each tedious chapter.

But people still love his,
Rhyming editions,
Of page after page of,
Dull compositions.

His books do not move me,
To change what I do,
They sure don’t inspire,
Or challenge my view.

But one thing’s for certain
On this – I’m quite zealous,
His words make it clear,
That I’m totally jealous!



Steve Dahl Copyright 2017

I recently read Harry Baker’s poetic book – The Sunshine Kid. A friend gave it to me to read after we watched his Ted Talk poetic presentation. Here it is: https://www.ted.com/talks/harry_baker_a_love_poem_for_lonely_prime_numbers?language=en

I thoroughly enjoyed his Ted Talk and his book was good but not as great as him live. And it got me to thinking – how easy it is for me to judge others for their efforts, while not lifting a finger. All of us are critics yet most of us don’t take the plunge to do what those we criticize have even done! Hence, the self-reflective poetic probe above. What are you critiquing that you haven’t done yourself?

I’m not really criticizing Harry Baker’s book in the piece above, as much as I am reflecting on myself. His book isn’t boring but there are many a book out there that are, but at least those authors have a book! They gave it their best shot!
Steve Dahl