“Murderous Behavior”

Damn it’s hard to keep my mouth shut and avoid judgement about smokers.

Actually, I don’t judge smokers but I have a little issue with this addictive habit. I’ve seen first hand how brutal this addiction is. So, go ahead and smoke your cigs and e-cigs but don’t complain about the obvious health problems you’ll likely pick up later.

It’s a free country but don’t fool yourself. It’s a deadly habit and it’s costing us all. And, you’ll see just how free it is, later in life.

I’ve seen the devastating health issues from smoking in my family and I wish that their disease, pain, and discomfort would somehow scare others into some common sense, but it doesn’t. I’m still trying to resist my judgmental side but it’s not working!

I watch young college students on the campus where I work light up as soon as they get in their cars and it makes my stomach turn. They see a cloud of minty vapor floating out their window and I see them tethered to their oxygen tank enjoying a permanent dose of COPD a few years down the road.

But, I restrain my judgement (ya right), I just wish I could do something. So, smoke ’em if you got ’em but keep it away from me. And, I know, I know, the people who need to read this won’t. So, when all else fails, write a stupid poem! Here you go…

Murderous Behavior!

It’s an illegal choke hold,
An electrical chair,
It’s a clamp on your jugular,
It’s a thief of fresh air.

It’s a deed just like killing,
It’s a bag on your head,
It’s a torture unspoken,
It’s a plot for more dead.

It’s a first-class destroyer,
It’s a third-degree choke,
It’s murderous behavior,
It’s your second-hand smoke.



P.S. Share this with a happy go-lucky smoker you know and love.
Copyright 2017

Judgement-free, Steve Dahl