The power of leadership is based in the effectiveness of our communication. In the business world, we’ve been used to watching mediocre presentations by our peers and vendors for far too long. It’s only recently that we’ve raised the bar on presentation skills. I’m not talkin’ PowerPoint and the latest online slide deck technologies. I’m talkin’ Ted Talks!

Quite simply put, Ted Talks have shown us that in 18 minutes a provocative, well thought-out story can capture our attention, entertain us and inspire us to take action WITH or WITHOUT flashy graphics or technology.

Many of the Ted Talks presenters do very little with their visuals and some do a lot. Yet, most of us would agree, most Ted Talks are interesting no matter what the topic. When you narrow down the primary traits of a solid Ted Talks presentation, here are the key elements that we think make your presentations work. That is of course, as long as you keep them to 18 minutes or less!

Here are ten “Ted-Talk-Type-Tips to make your next presentation stronger: 

1. Pump up the passion – share what you believe and know

2. Share stories that connect the heart and the head

3. Teach something new – old news is boring

4. Shock and awe moments

5. Have fun with the funny – a little humor goes a long way

6. Lower the brain dump – don’t give too much data or talk too long

7. Multiply impact with multimedia experiences – visuals and multisensory

8. Practice verbal and body language delivery – not just for the opening but all the way through

9. Authenticity – be authentic, open and transparent

10. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse