At a meeting I attended the other day Adam Lanza’s name came up as the group struggled to understand the horrors of another school shooting. The woman said of Adam, “I think we should for

Adam Lanza Memorial

Alleged Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza as seen in this 2005 photo. ABC News Exclusive

get this monster, we should never utter that slime’s name again.” I totally understand the hurt and rage that goes with Adam’s name. Yet, there is a learning opportunity here for all of us. Who in their right mind would want to set up a memorial for the disturbed 20-year old, mass murder Adam Lanza?

Adam Lanza – The Shooter

To set up a memorial in Adam Lanza’s name is never going to happen. No one wants to memorialize a monster. No one wants to give recognition to an evil person. No one wants to in any way, show other potential mass murders that they may get the recognition they’ve so hungered for by committing an evil act such as occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. I do not want to memorialize Adam Lanza but I definitely do not want to forget him.

We would all like to “forget” December 14th, the day so many innocent lives were lost. But maybe there is something we really should remember. Reading varied accounts of this young man’s life it seems there were some signs of his concerning behavior for years prior to the event. But not all were clear and not many indicated a propensity for violence. Yet, his introverted, anti-social personality was certainly an indicator of a troubled person. Although his actions do not deserve to be memorialized, his behaviors leading up to the tragedy should not be forgotten.

Adam Lanza – The Forgotten

Those who don’t fit in. Those who can’t fit in. Those who won’t fit in. These ARE the forgotten. Our mental health system in this country is overwhelmed and underfunded. To make things worse we are all so afraid of getting someone in trouble or getting ourselves in trouble by speaking up.

I spoke to a 20-something young man about this and asked him if he would turn in a co-worker or a fellow college student if he saw some strange and disconcerting behavior. He had two problems with this. First, where would he go to report this person? Second, what if he was wrong about his observations and got that person and/or himself in trouble for making these accusations.

This is where education can come in. This is where our mental health system could use some help. Even if we do want to help, most of us do not know where to begin. The angry, depressed and/or mentally ill among us can often be the ones to strike out because they feel so forgotten. And they are.

Adam Lanza – A Beautiful Baby Boy

You can call Adam Lanza evil, despicable, or scum of the earth but he was born a beautiful flawless baby son to a loving family just 20 years ago. Things went terrible wrong in a very short amount of time. And we must never forget the lessons we can each take away from this tragedy. Why is it that those who feel so forgotten end up in horrific events we would so like to forget. Look around you. Who in your life might feel forgotten? What is it that you can do today to make someone feel a little less forgotten?