“Pretty Prickly”

You’re depressed now,
Eating poorly,
Feeling blue and upset,

There are two words,
That will help you,
Do you know those words yet?

You’re complaining, you’re abusing,
You are not feeling well,
But these two words if you use them,
Could end your own hell.

Are you ready?
Will you do this?
Will you end all this pain?
Will you take this instruction,
Quit living insane?

Here you go now,
Write these down please,
Stop being such a jerk!
Oh it’s simple, And it’s easy,
I know these words work.

When you’re moaning and groaning,
Face the mirror and get clear,
Say these words to yourself,
As you let go of fear.

Say these words like you mean them,
Pull them both from your pocket.
Say them straight to your face,
And simply say…




So, maybe you’re thinking it’s just not that easy, my problem’s ways to big! Well, that may be the case, but then all I can say, as you make your excuses and rationalize your behavior is, well you guessed it… “Stop it!”