“Available Angel”

Oh they’re sitting around,
Just looking for work,
They’re unemployed angels,
And they’re starting to lurk.

They’ll lurk in your hallways,
When bedtime arrives,
They’ll loiter in the back seat,
On long boring drives.

They’ve got time on their wings,
But no time to kill,
They’re unemployed angels,
With plenty of skill.

Put one of these angels,
On that payroll of yours,
They’re really quite handy,
At spiritual chores.

They show up for the job,
And they never complain,
Take short coffee breaks,
And help you stay sane.

They don’t take vacations,
They don’t need your cash,
They’ll put in the long hours,
When you’re ready to crash.

They’re the perfect employee,
Only second to one,
They’re there when you need them,
And they’ll help get it done.

So the next time you’re wondering,
Just what you should do,
Just pick up the resume,
Of an angel or two!


Copyright 2017 Steve Dahl