“That Getaway Place”

Where is the joy?
I do nothing but run,
I have emails to check,
So much to get done.

Voicemails to leave,
And more to review,
Texts from the boss,
What’s a guy sposed’ to do?

Where’s that lake cabin?
That getaway place,
With sweet smelling forest,
Escape from this race?

Too late to get there?
Am I too old to try?
If it’s only on Facebook,
I might as well die.

I will visualize my cabin,
Yes, that’s where I’ll start,
I’ll find peace by the water,
Once it’s there in my heart.



How much of the time do we look for that “peace” somewhere else? How often to do we put off the decision to be at peace until everything is just right? We all love the idea of that tranquil, peaceful, beautiful place but until we find it right here and right now, that “getaway place” will continue to, well… get away.