“When You’re Really a Pig?”

Why stay in the lines when you’d rather draw big?
Why dress like a dog when you’re really a pig?
Why put on a smile when you’re grouchy as hell?
Why keep a secret when you’d much rather tell?
Why polish your shoes when you’d rather go bare?
Why shave both your legs when you’d rather grow hair?
Why muzzle your mouth when you want to be heard?
Why marry a stud when you wanted a nerd?
Why paint black and white when you’ve color to share?
Why act like you’re shy when you want them to stare?
Why whisper so low when you’d much rather shout?
Why try fit in when you’d rather stand out?


How are you letting the world around you and others above you try to control you? What do you really want? What are you waiting for?


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017