”Three Trees to the Wind”

The oak tree cannot grow in the dark shade of the pine tree. The pine will not do well in the shadows of the oak. They both need enough space to grow upward to form the forest.

Likewise, couples and people working together need the ability to reach for their own light. We’re all growing and it’s always at a slightly different pace.

Allowing each other the light needed to grow individually allows more growth together. And, nurturing each other in that process by encouraging growth and giving space at the same time can be very beneficial to committed personal relationships or those working together. Of course, this requires an enormous amount of patience! And, like I always say, “Infinite Patience Creates Instant Results.” I can’t tell you for sure where that quote came from but it’s one that I love to share. Give that some thought.

So, here’s the question you really should ponder: How do you give each other space yet stay committed to the relationship? What happens when one of you grows quicker than the other? What happens when one of you does not want to grow any further?

Here’s my poetic summary of this post:


You are Oak – I am Pine 

You are the oak,
I am the pine,
I need the light,
You need more time.
We both will reach,
For light above,
We both need space,
To grow this love.


Steve Dahl

Copyright 2017


Art by Dahl